SB/A Freedom Protect Plans

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The Freedom Protect Plans marketed by DAC are not your typical health coverages. The Freedom Protect Plan is a partially self-funded health care coverage program regulated by ERISA. ERISA is the Federal Law that sets the standards for over 60% of employer established health care plans in private and public sector industry. The Freedom Protect Plans is not Health Insurance. It is an ERISA medical health benefit plan.

Freedom Plans are NOT health insurance.

Imagine zero deductible, first dollar coverage, no medical underwriting, no pre-existing condition exclusions, Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandated coverages, and more – plus nationwide preferred provider networks that includes over 4000 primary hospitals and most licensed board-certified physicians. The Freedom Protect Plans offer “no deductible” coverage with the flexibility, affordability, and usability so you can now effectively manage your health care. You purchase the amount of coverage that you believe best fits your needs and life- style. The Freedom Protect Plan is not for everyone – if your annual coverage needs are expected to exceed The Freedom Plans annual limitations, you should consider additional industry available options.

The Sponsor or the Employer
must be a member of the SB/A CoOp
to take advantage of the Freedom Plans.

Freedom Protect Plans Benefits Example

The SBA 
Freedom Protect Plans
Individual $365
Family $580
Base Plan Annual Benefit Limit Individual $20,000 Family $40,000
In-Network Provider

(PPO) only
Annual DeductibleNone
Co-Insurance Percentage Covered
(Plan Pays based on Contracted Amounts)
50% Co-Insurance on first $10,000 plus 80% of next $10,000
Member Annual Out-of-Pocket MaximumIndividual $7,000
Family $14,000
Primary Care Office Visits
Providers limited to Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrician, and OB/GYN – Office and Other Outpatient Services (CPT-4 99201-99215)
$20 copay per visit 5 
(Limited to 3 visits – excluded from Out-of-Pocket Maximum of $7,000) Additional visits at Co-Insurance to $20,000
Inpatient/Outpatient Hospitalization and Professional Services, Medical and Surgical Professional Services, ER/Urgent Care, Lab, X-ray and Imaging, Ambulance Service, Chiropractic Care, Inpatient/Outpatient Psych and Substance Abuse50% Co-Insurance 6 on first $10,000 plus 80% of next $10,000
Inpatient (Medical and Surgical) and Outpatient (Surgical only) Hospitalization and Professional Services. Excludes Outpatient Drugs, Kidney Dialysis, Chemo Therapy, and All Other Infusion DrugsNot applicable
Preventative CareCovered by PCB
Prescription Pharmacy Benefit50% Co-Insurance on first $10,000 plus 80% of next $10,000
24 Hour Virtual Clinic – Online and Telephonic Doctor Calls100%
No co-payment required
Carreington Dental Discounted BenefitsFee Schedule
Annual Maximum of Covered ServicesIndividual $20,000
Family $40,000
Preventive Care Benefits – Routine Well Care – As provided under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Adult, Women, Child Preventative Services Screening and ServicesCovered by Preventive Care Benefits

Some benefits do have exclusions. Plan Provisions are the rules or conditions regarding what can be done in a plan. Every plan is different so make sure you read the details. 

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