SBA Freedom Protect Plan Provisions

X-Ray Machine

The Freedom Plan covers:

  • ACA Preventative Care, Routine Checkups, Pap Smears, Flu Shots, Immunizations, and More
  • Primary Care, Specialist, and Urgent Care Visits*
  • Plus X-rays, CT and MRI Scans*
  • Lab and Diagnostic Services
  • Prescription Drugs – ACA at 100% (includes Birth Control) plus all others at indicated co-pays or indicated co-insurance up to threshold limit using the Rx pharmacy card at your favorite pharmacy
  • Telemedicine (24 Hour Virtual Clinic)
  • Inpatient Psych/Substance Abuse benefits limited to 30 days per year
  • Pharmacy benefits are eligible for Rx discounts above base plan threshold
  • All other medical services are eligible for PPO network discounts for services above the annual maximum

* See Plan Exclusions

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