How Do We Sell This Medical Health Benefits Plans?


How do we sell this medical health benefits plan?

In Tutorial Part 1, we learned the regulatory nature of healthcare benefits that reside under ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Part 1 also explored the SB/A CoOp marketplace and its membership for employers to access the health care plans regulated by ERISA.

Tutorial Part 2 explores the structure of The SB/A Freedom Plans healthcare opportunity Sponsored by DAC and the SB/A CoOp. DAC distributors have a unique opportunity today to secure affordable, useable, modern healthcare for you, your family, friends looking to have their own business, and your relationships with other employers looking for a healthcare plan in order to attract and retain talented employees in a strong, robust economy.

Important to know: 

  • This is NOT a temporary health care plan. 
  • This is NOT health care plan for those who are between jobs, or without a job.
  • This is NOT an open market individual health care plan

Important to know:

  • This an ERISA employer and employee medical benefits plan
  • You must be an active distributor of DAC or Youngevity working the business.
  • You must be self-employed or building a business as a 1099 contractor with DAC or Youngevity. 

 Important to know:

  • You are NOT selling a SB/A CoOp medical benefits health care plan. 
  • You ARE selling a membership in the Small Business Agency Cooperative. [This allows the employers to access the SB/A CoOp marketplace which has the SB/A Freedom Protect and the SB/A Freedom Protect Group health care Plans and is a very important distinction].

Tutorial Part 2 will explain the important things to know, as you introduce the SB/A CoOp and its’ marketplace which contains the SB/A Freedom Protect for Distributors and the SB/A Freedom Protect Group (for employers).

DAC delivers a growing line of revolutionary products to help you live younger, longer and now includes medical benefits which is the foundation of great health, and is affordable, simple, modern, and lets you finally take control. 

You may be one of the 30 million people in the United States who either doesn’t have healthcare, or knows someone who doesn’t have healthcare. Pretty big market and you have a great product! What’s the biggest topic and concern on everyone’s mind? Health care.

So, what is your strength?

With DAC you work with a team. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. There is structure. There is visible research. There are products that fill a need. You have a marketing department. You have a name that is respected.

You have heard successful mentors and uplines describe, expound and define the secret sauce behind network marketing. It’s the Residual Income!

Key point #1. Everyone has the same number of hours in the day. Earn “X” amount of dollars per hour. It’s pretty tough to build wealth on eight hours a day with that formula.

Key point #2. Direct sales companies don’t have it. Their representatives sell products all day for profit only.

Key point #3. However, network marketing companies have incorporated extensive mathematical algorithms to add residual income into the commission schedules so you earn money while you sleep, or play golf or go on vacation. It’s like having an oil well pump on your property pumping income day and night. That’s residual income.

In the list below are the leading fast facts which anchor your belief system, and help you talk with friends, associates, anybody in your circle of influence, or anyone that might be within six feet of you. What do you find the most compelling, or the easiest to talk about? There are no wrong answers.


  • Live the lifestyle of a millionaire; without the burdens, hassles, and responsibilities.
  • Your time and your life are yours to spend as you wish, live the life you deserve.

Perpetual Residual Income Stream:

  • The income can be passed on to your family or heirs.
  • Better than a life insurance policy because the money keeps rolling in, month after month, year after year.
  • There is no limit to how much you can earn.

Be Your Own Boss:

  • Working for yourself…whether it be part time or full time is better than any J-O-B. Why, you ask…because most people drive 30 minutes or more to work…fighting traffic…and working at a job that may not be their dream job, or thinking that it may not bring about the future they want. 

Tax Advantages:

  • Legally put dollars in your pocket from having a home-based business. It’s not what you make; it’s what you can keep!
  • Even if your business doesn’t make money at first, you’re still ahead by having the tax write-offs.

Small Start-up Costs:

  • Most Network Marketing businesses can be launched for $500 or less, some are free; try and start a franchise like McDonald’s for that price.

Superior Products:

  • Most products are as good as or better than their retail counterparts.

Enough review of the dynamic energy in the network marketing world.

Let’s get specific and discuss the SB/A Freedom Protect medical benefit product that DAC has sponsored and brought to your product mix. We already know through statistics that many distributors do not have any healthcare because it is too expensive, they are not on a spousal plan, or not young enough to be on a parent’s plan. So many distributors will be looking to obtain this high-quality health care plan, with the lowest pricing and exceptional features. Now that makes good sense, right?

Imagine being able to earn residual income every month by introducing the SB/A Freedom Protect health care benefit plans.

Your objective is to introduce
the SB/A Freedom Protect health medical benefits plans
to two very specific groups of people,
and don’t forget yourself. 

Your objective is to introduce the SB/A Freedom Protect health medical benefits plans to two very specific groups of people, and don’t forget yourself. 

  1. Business prospects for DAC
  2. Prospects that are employers looking for business health care for themselves and their employee group.

Remember, you are already inside the SB/A CoOp marketplace because DAC is a Member and has sponsored the SB/A Freedom Protect and SB/A Freedom Protect Group plans. 

For your contacts, it is important to explain and sell access to the SB/A CoOp through membership. Introductions to the healthcare plans are secondary, but we acknowledge it is the interest in the plans that encourages membership in the SB/A CoOp.

The first question to ask yourself is what would I want to know about these ERISA medical benefit plans? 

  • Is it affordable?
  • How high are the deductibles?
  • What if I have pre-existing conditions?
  • Do I have to take an exam?
  • What’s my out-of-pocket maximum costs?
  • Are my prescriptions covered?
  • Is my annual physical and preventative tests afforded under ACA included?

Earlier we said these ERISA medical benefit plans were affordable, simple and modern. Let’s see!

  • Individual plans as low as $285/individual and $425/family and plans up to $455/individual or $745/family. 
  • No deductibles. 1stdollar coverage with a shared 50/50 co-insurance
  • No pre-existing condition exclusions
  • No exam, no medical underwriting
  • Low out of pocket. Pick a plan that meet your needs. Each plan has annual coverage limits that apply. Maximum out-of-pocket is 50% of the plan chosen
  • Prescriptions coverage is included and after receiving up to an 80% discount, apply the 50/50 co-insurance for additional discounting up to annual coverage limit. Discounts still apply.
  • The important features of the Affordable Car Act are included, such as the annual physical exam, and recommended preventative test and wellness screenings    
  • Virtual Doctor 24/7/365 for medical concerns and prescriptions                                                                                                                                      

We’ve touched on some excellent features of the DAC Freedom Plans, so now let’s talk about some of the benefits you want to see!

ZERO Deductible

Coverage for prescription drugs

Coverage for mental health

Coverage for office visits

Coverage for maternity

1st dollar coverage


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